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Umm…Is this thing still on?? I the only one still using this thing?  Where'd the other Neish blogs go...?  Hello...?! ************************************************************* I've found some work!  It's contract-based work at a small exploration company, but it'll involve some time outdoors in various places in Canada... Continue Reading →

Not even his final form…?!

Another experience in my life has now come and gone, and so the time has come to move onto the next life experience for me -- whatever that may be. For those who are interested, my Masters Thesis has since... Continue Reading →

Weeeeeeeeeee Are The Champions…!

I came.  I defended.  I passed. And so did the other Neishlings defending their Masters this year.  Yay!  (Of course, in hindsight, there never was really any doubt...!) Now, it's time to make revisions and submit the best possible final... Continue Reading →

Computers can’t always let us have nice things…

When you're almost done processing imagery and stuff, and the only computer you can do your data-processing work on decides not to cooperate prior to your defense.... So here I am trying to download the MESSENGER MDIS LOI mosaic map... Continue Reading →

Final Figures?

In anticipation of having to submit my Masters Thesis for review by Canada's 151st birthday, I've been working to finish up the Thesis itself as well as the two results figures my work has been geared to create over the... Continue Reading →

Crunch-time hodge-podge.

Kind-of a long time coming, but EDRNAC images have been incorporated into the unnamed crater files in QGIS and, in places, shapefiles have been redrawn to accommodate the higher resolution data. Here are two such craters, with the greatest and... Continue Reading →

Almost literally blown away

Now that the Mercury meeting is over and done with, and I'm back home safe and sound, let's post on some of the highlights this past week. Once again, I did a poster presentation.  Abstract: I also was made aware... Continue Reading →

Update in the FranXX

One conference down, one more to go.... The "Mercury Conference" is this May 1-3, and unlike with LPSC I'm gonna be all alone on this one; Dr. Neish will be at the Dragonfly conference (?) nearby, at around the same... Continue Reading →

LPSC! (Not much else to write about…)

I had the fortune of being able to attend, and even present, at the 49th-annual LPSC (Lunar and Planetary Science Conference) last week, in the Woodlands, Texas (a suburb of Houston). I really only did two things at LPSC:  Listen... Continue Reading →

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