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Another experience in my life has now come and gone, and so the time has come to move onto the next life experience for me — whatever that may be.

For those who are interested, my Masters Thesis has since been uploaded onto Western Library’s online database:  “Impact Melt Emplacement on Mercury.”

Once again, many thanks to Dr. Neish for all the guidance and aid provided to me during my two years under her wing.  For better or worse, the Masters experience has been invaluable to me.

To quote Miley Cyrus, it don’t matter how fast you get there — nor what’s waiting on the other side.  It’s the climb….

It’s the journey that’s most worthwhile, more than what the destination may be.  What did you learn along the way?  What mistakes were made, and what did they teach you?  What friends and fond memories were acquired?  For the new recruits to the Neish Lab, expect to experience them all during your time at Western.  Expect to learn a lot from the biweekly group meetings.  Expect to make mistakes, and come out of them the wiser.  Expect to make friends and have good times with all the time you’ll spend together in the Lab and during the semester-end outings Dr. Neish holds for you all.

And, before long, you’ll be defending your thesis and looking towards what the next stage of your life holds for you.  Probably some sort of job….

Even then, though, your career is not a destination but another leg of your life-journey.  You’ll learn more things along the way, make more mistakes that’ll make you wiser, and make more friends and fond memories as you go.

We’re all still young, even those of us who already have a stable career and been raising a family for quite some time now, and we’re all still FAR from our “final form”….  This, to me, is the allegorical meaning of that quotable referencing Frieza from the Dragonball franchise.

As for me, part-time jobs are keeping me going until I can find something worth making a career out of.  I’m one of those ringers who, like John Lennon, wants to be happy when they grow up.  I don’t want to spend 30+ years being miserable about my career, and even if it takes a lifetime I’ll keep searching for whatever career I can enjoy doing for 30+ years.  The key is to love what you do, that way you won’t have to work a day in your life.

In the meantime, I’m still working on the handful of sci-fi/fantasy literature that I’m hoping to publish one day and I’m still churning out the odd science-related article on U.A. every now and then.  That appears to be the new direction for me to take at this stage of my life.

I think that’s about all the quotables from other people that I can fit into this one post!  I’ll end here with this good one from Steve Jobs:  “Stay hungry.  Stay foolish.”