When you’re almost done processing imagery and stuff, and the only computer you can do your data-processing work on decides not to cooperate prior to your defense….

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So here I am trying to download the MESSENGER MDIS LOI mosaic map .cub file, and I keep getting either .cub.txt files that ISIS3 refuses to use (even when the .txt part is deleted from the file name) or attempting to download all 16 GB of it from my laptop which so far not even giving it a full 15 hours to download is even nearly enough (or, it just quits on me halfway through and then I have to start over again).

On top of that, I have literally only a couple craters left to convert EDRNAC imagery for so of course spiceinit decides to act up as well.  No matter how much I rsync and set_path, it seems spiceinit refuses to acknowledge that the MESSENGER specs provided thru ISIS3 even exist in the first place.

I ain’t got time for dis!!