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I had the fortune of being able to attend, and even present, at the 49th-annual LPSC (Lunar and Planetary Science Conference) last week, in the Woodlands, Texas (a suburb of Houston).

I really only did two things at LPSC:  Listen to various people talking about various planetary science-related things, and look around at the numerous posters and booths stationed there also pertaining to various planetary science-related fields.  I did also present a poster myself, on the Thursday, and I grabbed a bunch of quality maps and pens from the booths while I wasn’t talking to a passerby about potential factors driving melt emplacement on Mercurian craters and, by extension, lunar and Venusian (and potentially other worlds) craters.

A thank you to C. Leight and L. Ostrach for the abstract characterizing impact melts on Mercury, since I’ve been doing a lot of looking at Mercurian crater melts recently–and thanks to Dr. Neish for pointing this abstract out to me (since I managed to just miss the talk itself… D: )!

A special thanks to Josh for helping out with some of the cost….

Also, my abstract can be found here:

Josh’s here:

The Leight and Ostrach abstract:

Another big chunk of my thesis came due for supervisor revision this week, too.  It’s amazing how much time I thought I had, but didn’t, to work on my first two chapters!

CPSX “Space Day 2018” is also this Friday, but at least this time I have a good poster already made for it.  Yeah!

Also, Easter and April Fools falling on the same day…?!  Fancy that!

That’s all I have for now.  Good day!