I came.  I defended.  I passed.

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And so did the other Neishlings defending their Masters this year.  Yay!  (Of course, in hindsight, there never was really any doubt…!)

Now, it’s time to make revisions and submit the best possible final copy of my Thesis for “publishing”.  It’s been decided, for consistency and for the sake of a consistent error value to use, that I replace the handful of craters I used MLA topography for with the USGS Global DEM topography.  Thankfully, I don’t need to cut out any more craters as a result; none of the USGS crops are misaligned w.r.t. their MDIS mosaic and original MLA data files.  I’ll also need to redo the statistics for those handful of craters I swapped out DEM data for, but that’ll take a day.  Then, I gotta remake some figures (won’t take long, either).  Of course, there’s all the literary edits to see to.

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Also, thanks to some aid provided by Dr. Neish my previously-mentioned spiceinit problems have been remedied and the final processing of MDIS-NAC images is finishing up nicely.

Lastly, gotta start packing up for my move-out from my apartment.  So much left to do!!