One conference down, one more to go….

Mercury: Current and Future Science of the Innermost Planet

The “Mercury Conference” is this May 1-3, and unlike with LPSC I’m gonna be all alone on this one; Dr. Neish will be at the Dragonfly conference (?) nearby, at around the same time, but besides that it’s just me and my trusty poster for three days.

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“Dragonfly”…, the next rover mission to Titan (Saturn’s largest moon).  Well done to Dr. Neish for be chosen as a panel member!

I’ll write more on this after the fact….

In other news, congrats to Elise on her outstanding thesis defense this past Friday!  Very well-done!

Elise be like….  Don’t worry — she didn’t flop, unlike the pink mecha shown above!  [from Darling in the FranXX, hence the bad Anime-pun title]
Apart from the fact that it was neat to listen to the applications of radar in geologically-mapping geographically hard-to-reach areas (in this case, in relation to salt diapirs in the Canadian Arctic), attending her defense was fairly insightful for me as I now have some idea on how the presentation aspect of the defense, at least, is like.  I’m sure I’ll forget half of it come August.  Somewhat related:  My own thesis is slowly coming along; it should come along a bit faster now that my TA duties are nearly done at this point.

I’m looking to have my Intro. and Methods pretty-well done with by the time I leave for DC.  It should be doable, as much of the work required for both is already completed; the Intro. requires more comprehensive info on Mercury as a planet (and I need to figure out how I’ll organize the figures in that chapter), and the Methods primarily needs figures derived from my crater files which will help go into detail about what I’ve been doing for the past year-and-a-half.  Then, I’d like to beat out most, if not all, of a draft of my Results by the time I leave as well; if not that, then I’ll strive for a draft once I return to London.

Four months left of my Masters degree (before my funding runs out).  Let’s do this!

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