Now that the Mercury meeting is over and done with, and I’m back home safe and sound, let’s post on some of the highlights this past week.

Mercury: Current and Future Science of the Innermost Planet
Conference program

Once again, I did a poster presentation.  Abstract:

I also was made aware of a fair number of literature pertaining to Mercury and its geology and interior, which will hopefully prove useful in the “Mercury” section of my Thesis Introduction.  Most intriguing, w.r.t. my Thesis work, is the following work by Dr. Hood on the mag. data from the MESSENGER mission; although he talked about it in passing, he did mention an anomaly just north of Stieglitz crater (which is in my catalog) which might suggest an iron-rich ejecta blanket which, because it is concentrated north of this crater, subsequently may imply the impactor that created the crater was traveling northwards when it struck.

Similar work by a co-author (on the other side of Mercury):

I also got to talk a bit with Dr. Herrick, a co-author on one of the big Neish et al. papers my Thesis is based on.  That was cool.

Speaking of cool — for a wholly different reason, though:  Toronto was struck by a rather powerful thunderstorm cloud while Dr. Neish and I were flying back to London this past Friday.  The stupid-strong gusts of wind that swept across Southern Ontario that day felled some trees and tried to blow the planes around, but we made it safely nevertheless.

Aside; anyone finding themselves in Columbia, Maryland in the future, particularly visiting the USRA headquarters there, definitely eat at least once at Rudy’s Mediterranean Grill.  The food there is delicious, it’s open all day, and the staff is amazing.

That’s it for now!  I hope to have drafts for nearly all chapters of my thesis ready come June, so that’s something to look forward to….