J. W. Daniels, MSc

One of Dr. Neish's new "friends."



Weeeeeeeeeee Are The Champions…!

I came.  I defended.  I passed. And so did the other Neishlings defending their Masters this year.  Yay!  (Of course, in hindsight, there never was really any doubt...!) Now, it's time to make revisions and submit the best possible final... Continue Reading →

Aat Laaaaaaassst!!

After a month of failure to get Isis3 to properly render the MDIS-NAC files I downloaded from the MODE, success has, ultimately, been mine.  Ailey crater, which sorely needed these high-resolution images because of a pesky shadow in the MDIS... Continue Reading →


This past week or so saw some more errors in MARSSIM output, but it seems to have culminated in what appears to be a successful "run." Since the problem with the Frank Crater run lay ultimately with the way that... Continue Reading →

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