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Update: An abstract + good figures.

LPSC 2018 is coming in March, which I am planning on attending regardless of whether my submitted abstract gets accepted or not.  Looking forward to it, either way! My crater catalog has been scrutinized and four craters so far have... Continue Reading →

Back at it again.

Seven more craters have been plotted in my ongoing illustration of Mercurian crater melts vs RCL.  Not only that, but I also managed to create a melts-vs-rays illustration using the five (yes...only five of my 36 craters show the asymmetric... Continue Reading →

A Mercurian “Hybrid Theory”?

24 of my 36 Mercurian craters have been almost fully analyzed at this point, and so a plot akin to what is present in Neish et al. (2014) and Neish et al. (2017) has been derived for these craters: The... Continue Reading →

What I know so far…: Mercurian craters.

With "Space Day" coming up next week @UWO, I figured it'd be a good idea to jot down what I've noted about fresh crater impact melts on Mercury in preparation for that fateful day. As if I didn't already have... Continue Reading →

It’s Crater Time (ICT) 1.2 ~ What’s *supposed* to happen.

Featuring Linne crater! ICT part 1 provided an introduction to one of the things I'm trying to accomplish here for my thesis; create an "inelev.dat" file, modify the "marssim.prm" file accordingly, and then run the fortran code.  The "OUTELEV.DAT" file... Continue Reading →

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