J. W. Daniels, MSc

One of Dr. Neish's new "friends."



Not even his final form…?!

Another experience in my life has now come and gone, and so the time has come to move onto the next life experience for me -- whatever that may be. For those who are interested, my Masters Thesis has since... Continue Reading →

An upcoming hiatus, + another small update.

As the Winter 2017 school year wraps up for me, I am soon coming up on many months of "free time" where I can┬áreally spend time on my Masters thesis -- instead of any chance I can get for myself.... Continue Reading →

The awesome-est exoplanetary system to-date.

Finding seven "Earth-sized" worlds orbiting within the Habitable Zone (HZ) of a nearby dwarf star is definitely something worth celebrating -- even if one has to "fudge" the HZ parameters for four of them to make that happen. Behold, TRAPPIST-1:... Continue Reading →

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