J. W. Daniels, MSc

One of Dr. Neish's new "friends."



All craters digitized… and re-digitized!

In preparation of conducting the mathematical analyses of my mercurian craters, I have completed the GIS files of all 36 of these craters including the two or three that have less-than-optimal data files associated with them.  All MDIS, MLA/USGS, and... Continue Reading →

Aat Laaaaaaassst!!

After a month of failure to get Isis3 to properly render the MDIS-NAC files I downloaded from the MODE, success has, ultimately, been mine.  Ailey crater, which sorely needed these high-resolution images because of a pesky shadow in the MDIS... Continue Reading →

Mercury’s “Group of Seven.”

The "Group of Seven" was the name given to a number of Canadian artists who painted landscapes in the same style at around the same time; the original group was:  Franklin Carmichael, Lawren Harris, A. Y. Jackson, Frank Johnston, Arthur... Continue Reading →


GIS project files are currently being made for the original 13 named craters for which MDIS + MLA snippets have been obtained.  The MDIS crater files were easy enough to obtain, but the corresponding MLA was trickier -- north + south... Continue Reading →


This past week or so saw some more errors in MARSSIM output, but it seems to have culminated in what appears to be a successful "run." Since the problem with the Frank Crater run lay ultimately with the way that... Continue Reading →

It’s Crater Time (part 1)

To make a long story short, the first order of business I have with my Masters project is to erode a fresh crater of roughly the same dimensions as Haughton crater and then compare the results to the level of... Continue Reading →

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