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Post-Space Day: a slight update.

Current crater count = 14 named craters, 13 unnamed craters (27 total; removed a couple craters that weren't viable for the study, but (re-)added a few more new + previously identified craters). Smallest crater = Ailey @ 23 km in... Continue Reading →

What I know so far…: Mercurian craters.

With "Space Day" coming up next week @UWO, I figured it'd be a good idea to jot down what I've noted about fresh crater impact melts on Mercury in preparation for that fateful day. As if I didn't already have... Continue Reading →

Pi(e) Day!

Did you know today is Pi Day? Well, now you do! Every year, on March (3) 14, at 3:14 pm.  How many digits of pi have you memorized? Me:  3.14159 -- thanks to Stargate, of all shows.... 😀

Fresh impact melts – the best of the best (so far).

The following are the absolute finest Mercurial craters in possession of impact melt located just beyond their respective crater rims, listed from most to least optimal candidates: 1 = Hokusai (57.75, 16.71; 114 km).  Lots of quality images available, and... Continue Reading →

The awesome-est exoplanetary system to-date.

Finding seven "Earth-sized" worlds orbiting within the Habitable Zone (HZ) of a nearby dwarf star is definitely something worth celebrating -- even if one has to "fudge" the HZ parameters for four of them to make that happen. Behold, TRAPPIST-1:... Continue Reading →

Do ya wanna… search for impact melts around fresh Mercurian craters?

This week will be the second that I'll have spent on the new, alternative thesis idea involving attempting to correlate occurrence of impact melts about fresh impact craters on Mercury to the location of the rim-crest highs of those same... Continue Reading →

So, what’s the point anyway?

To switch, or not to switch? It's an interesting situation, being told that swapping thesis topics as a Grad student is unwise yet being faced with just such a situation a mere five months in.  In a way, it's like... Continue Reading →


This past week or so saw some more errors in MARSSIM output, but it seems to have culminated in what appears to be a successful "run." Since the problem with the Frank Crater run lay ultimately with the way that... Continue Reading →

ICT 2.0 ~ sort-of….

So... after four months of figuring out how all this new-fangled fortran stuff works, I was finally able to acquire an end product right before the start of Christmas break: However, even as Dr. Tornabene's prized, personal "commandment" rang in my... Continue Reading →

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