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Umm…Is this thing still on?? I the only one still using this thing?  Where'd the other Neish blogs go...?  Hello...?! ************************************************************* I've found some work!  It's contract-based work at a small exploration company, but it'll involve some time outdoors in various places in Canada... Continue Reading →

Not even his final form…?!

Another experience in my life has now come and gone, and so the time has come to move onto the next life experience for me -- whatever that may be. For those who are interested, my Masters Thesis has since... Continue Reading →

Aside — fairly geologist-friendly anime.

This is for aspiring geoscientists who also watch the occasional anime:  Watch Land of the Lustrous (Houseki no Kuni) and name as many of the twenty-something "Gems" as you can -- before the show names them for you! You can begin... Continue Reading →

Pi(e) Day!

Did you know today is Pi Day? Well, now you do! Every year, on March (3) 14, at 3:14 pm.  How many digits of pi have you memorized? Me:  3.14159 -- thanks to Stargate, of all shows.... 😀

Merry Beardedwhitegod-mas!

In honour of the holiday we know better as "Christmas," I figured it was fitting to make mention of a number of "Jesus-like" deities that have popped up throughout history thus far - since he's far from unique: Jesus ~... Continue Reading →

Let’s make a Haughton crater

Step 1:  Visit Step 2:  Determine Haughton impactor size (~2 km >> Step 3:  Complete Impact: Earth! criteria... Step 4:  "Calculate Impact"!    

The Habitable Exoplanets Catalog.

Part of the "Planetary Habitability Laboratory (PHL)." Below is an illustration of all known exoplanets with respect to (wrt) their host star's stellar flux (energy output): Earth-sized worlds located in the solid green are ideal, habitability-wise. (Featured image also... Continue Reading →

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