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Umm…Is this thing still on?? I the only one still using this thing?  Where'd the other Neish blogs go...?  Hello...?! ************************************************************* I've found some work!  It's contract-based work at a small exploration company, but it'll involve some time outdoors in various places in Canada... Continue Reading →

Almost literally blown away

Now that the Mercury meeting is over and done with, and I'm back home safe and sound, let's post on some of the highlights this past week. Once again, I did a poster presentation.  Abstract: I also was made aware... Continue Reading →

LPSC! (Not much else to write about…)

I had the fortune of being able to attend, and even present, at the 49th-annual LPSC (Lunar and Planetary Science Conference) last week, in the Woodlands, Texas (a suburb of Houston). I really only did two things at LPSC:  Listen... Continue Reading →

Burning Bright

After nearly two decades of performing admirably, the Cassini spacecraft, nearly out of fuel, made one last service to Science by plunging into Saturn's atmosphere sending its final stream of data back to Earth before burning up and thereby becoming... Continue Reading →

Some “life-hacks” for enjoying a Solar Eclipse.

Today, much of North America got to enjoy a rather nice-looking Solar Eclipse.  Me included! Viewing an eclipse in progress is best done using a telescope decked-out for the job.  For example, at Western U such telescopes were available for... Continue Reading →

Try Everything! The CPSX Field School experience has just ended, and so now the Grad-school summer vacation has officially begun!  Which means I can start making GIS projects for my Mercurian craters of interest....                ... Continue Reading →

The awesome-est exoplanetary system to-date.

Finding seven "Earth-sized" worlds orbiting within the Habitable Zone (HZ) of a nearby dwarf star is definitely something worth celebrating -- even if one has to "fudge" the HZ parameters for four of them to make that happen. Behold, TRAPPIST-1:... Continue Reading →

There’s a BIG Moon on the Rise…

This past morning saw, according to astronomers, the biggest Moon in a while.  Called a "Supermoon," this visual phenomenon is the result of the Moon simply being closer to Earth than it normally gets at perigee (its closest approach to... Continue Reading →

Tatooine’s galore!

OGLE-2007-BLG-349L:  Located 8,000 light years from Earth, this circumbinary system is the latest confirmed such star system to date.  The exoplanet is a Jovian world orbiting its two stars at nearly the distance as Jupiter is from our Sun. Continue Reading →

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