Kind-of a long time coming, but EDRNAC images have been incorporated into the unnamed crater files in QGIS and, in places, shapefiles have been redrawn to accommodate the higher resolution data.

Here are two such craters, with the greatest and highest-resolution EDRNAC image coverage available to me:

gordon.lightfoot all-dressedtom.thomson all-dressed

Unfortunately, few of the unnamed craters in the original catalog actually benefited in any way from the NAC swatches.  Some had to be discarded because the NAC imagery available for them were too low of resolution to make out the melts any better than was possible with the MDIS mosaic.

Also, beefing-up a Masters thesis is hard….  It takes me a couple days to compose all the important info for each section, a couple pages’ worth each, and then it takes weeks to insert the figures and whatever else I can write into each section to make them over a dozen pages long.  The figures are fairly straight-forward, but filling the remaining pages with words…not so much.

Speaking of which:  Surprise!  It looks like I could be defending a bit earlier than originally expected.  This means I’m probably in the final stretch of things here, and so for the next month or so I really won’t have a life — as if I really had a life to begin with!

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Finally, one of the Neish crew is heading on out…; we’ll miss you, Elise!

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