Bad “Spice and Wolf” pun….

Not much to report this week…; I’ve been getting myself back into the hang of using the mdis2isis >> spiceinit >> mdiscal >> cam2map procedure I used back last summertime, now for craters I missed over the summer as well as those that I didn’t bother downloading MDIS-NAC from the MODE the first time around (because I figured the MDIS mosaics of those craters from USGS sufficiently showed the melt deposits).

It’s not a very difficult procedure, but it’s sure time-consuming!  I hope to get these new files QGIS-ready by March.

I’ve also been working on an abstract for the Mercury Conference, which is due in a week’s time.  Fun, trying to condense a 2-page LPSC abstract into 1 page!

Finally, I now have a rough timeline for writing up my thesis itself.  Introduction draft due March 1st!  As such, I’ve started donating some time towards reading through the literature I’ve acquired the past year again…and again.

~Aside:  My laptop crashed during Falcon Heavy launch today…, just like its core, apparently!  Whatever happened to this core, anyway?