LPSC 2018 is coming in March, which I am planning on attending regardless of whether my submitted abstract gets accepted or not.  Looking forward to it, either way!

My crater catalog has been scrutinized and four craters so far have been cut from the roster for not having good MDIS or altimetry data available.  Ten more are being “pulled aside” for the sake of needing more MDIS-NAC swatches to better pick out the impact melts.  22 are ready to go, and from these I have produced the following figures comparing Mercury to Venus and the Moon:

Figures for Mercury Venus and Moon
The take-away here is that Mercury’s craters trend more like Venus than the Moon, implying a gravity threshold between the Moon and Mercury exists where melt emplacement starts to be governed by impact direction over RCL….  “R” = (rim max – rim min)/(avg depth) is a measure of crater topographic variation.  Lunar and Venusian data courtesy of Dr. Neish.

Once the final ten craters are fully set-up in QGIS, a “second cut” may be taken if need be.  I hope to have a final catalog, that I’ll be using for my thesis write-up, ready by March at the latest (again, if all goes well and ISIS3 and what-not behave).