After a month of failure to get Isis3 to properly render the MDIS-NAC files I downloaded from the MODE, success has, ultimately, been mine.  Ailey crater, which sorely needed these high-resolution images because of a pesky shadow in the MDIS Global Mosaic that occluded the majority of the crater’s rim, floor, and melt deposit, can now be deemed “completed” in terms of its GIS file and now it can be analyzed for its melt emplacement-to-rim low characteristics similar to what has been accomplished already for 24 of my catalog’s “best” crater candidates.  Alongside Ailey, around ten other craters, the majority of which need the high-resolution imagery to accurately locate their respective impact melt deposits, will also shortly be similarly analyzed and subsequently “finished off.”

Here’s what Ailey crater’s GIS file looks like now:

The next order of business is to summarize all 36 craters into the illustration pictured in my last post (A Mercurian “Hybrid Theory”?), and then do something similar for the craters in my catalog that are rayed.

All in due time….