MDIS-NAC images have been downloaded for all the craters in my catalog that have useful NAC files worth downloading — all except two, if I remember correctly.

But, over half of my craters are already fit enough to be analyzed for melt and rim-low locations and so that is what I attempted to do this past week or so.  Below is the gist of what I’m doing here:

Balanchine crater stats

Using the grid-like object, superimposed over the original GIS file, I mark out where the highest concentration of melt (in purple) is as well as the most likely location of the rim-low (in red).  In the case of Balanchine crater, above, the location of this melt pool is in the W-WNW wedge, while the rim-low can be found within the NW-NNW wedge; this means that the melt is predominantly located within 45* of the rim crest low.

A number of craters need the MDIS-NAC for better locating the melts (and in a couple cases the crater floor), so that will be my next task at-hand.  Then, I can add grids to those craters as well and fix up any hiccups that the already-completed craters had during this first run of mine through this process.