For me and my supervisor….

What I’ve done so far:

>>GIS files for most of my 36 craters have been created, with rim, floor, and melts shapefiles made for each.

>>MDIS-NAC files have been downloaded for all named craters (around 19 craters).

What I want to complete by September:

>>Download MDIS-NAC imagery for my unnamed craters and render all MDIS-NAC files in GIS to aid in completing the handful of crater GIS files that remain incomplete.  [1 week + 1 week, max]

>>Complete all rim, floor, and melts shapefiles for remaining craters.  [1 week, max]

>>Acquire MDIS-derived DTM map(s) from Preusker et al. (2011/2017/2017) for any outlying craters that still exist — if time permits, perhaps even add some southern hemisphere craters to my “catalog.”  [1 week, max; 1-2 weeks for S.H. craters]

>>Conduct a statistical analysis on these craters, locating where the majority of melt emplacement is w.r.t. each crater’s rim crest low and then compare my results to the Neish et al. (2017) results.  [1-2 weeks, max]

>>Analyze all the rayed craters in my “catalog” for evidence of impactor direction, perhaps using MESSENGER’s false-colour mosaic.  [1 week, max]

>>Hope to begin to write-up my thesis come September (the above should take 6-8 weeks to complete, assuming no hiccups or what-not along the way).

I hope to have completed the first “to-do” objective by the time I draft my next blog post here.