As the Winter 2017 school year wraps up for me, I am soon coming up on many months of “free time” where I can really spend time on my Masters thesis — instead of any chance I can get for myself.

But, that’s still a month or so away for me….  As soon as Winter 2017 ends, CPSX field school 2017 begins; then, when I return at the middle of May, I have an annual committee meeting to tackle.  Fun-fun-fun!

Blog-wise, this means that I won’t be able to post for around two weeks.

That said, here’s a small update before I disappear to Arizona:

>All named craters have MDIS (Mercury Dual Imaging System) + MLA (Mercury Laser Altimetry) files associated to them — 13 craters in all.  There are still 13 or so nameless craters that need to be done.

Screen Shot Hokusai_MDIS
Hokusai (global MDIS mosaic — 166 m/pixel resolution)
Screen Shot Hokusai_MLA
Hokusai (MLA dataset — much lower resolution!)

>I’ve started gathering all the MDIS-NAC (the MDIS Narrow-Angle Camera) image files of the named craters — for use later on….

>I’m hoping to convert the files for Abedin, Hokusai, and Stieglitz to “polar-stereographic” sometime this week.  I also would like to try viewing at least some of the MDIS + MLA images in ArcMap before the Field School.

>If I can, I’d like to download the MDIS + MLA for the nameless craters before I go as well….

I have also been working on my Annual Committee Meeting report, and am very nearly finished.  The next thing to do now is to draft-up a presentation (more fun).