Current crater count = 14 named craters, 13 unnamed craters (27 total; removed a couple craters that weren’t viable for the study, but (re-)added a few more new + previously identified craters).

Smallest crater = Ailey @ 23 km in diameter.

Largest crater = Abedin crater @ 116 km in diameter.

Three cases:

1 = one melt deposit (15 craters); usually the smaller craters.

2 = two or more melt deposits (8 craters); usually the larger craters.

3 = melt inside adjacent crater (4 craters); no size preference.

In other news, I’m still not completely out of the school-work woods just yet — and I’ll be busy with school until the middle of May (June through August looks pretty free, though!); would still like to figure out how to find unnamed craters in the MDIS database, & get some craters mapped by May; also, GUI doesn’t like, so far, the MLA datasets I downloaded (I think it’s to do with the .lbl files but the GUI won’t even select them)….

That’s about it, at the present moment.  Have a great Easter, all!