This week will be the second that I’ll have spent on the new, alternative thesis idea involving attempting to correlate occurrence of impact melts about fresh impact craters on Mercury to the location of the rim-crest highs of those same craters for the sake of comparing the results to Venus and the Moon for any similarities/differences that appear.

I spent all of Reading Week, last week, with my family down in Mickey Mouse Land (Florida, I mean), so naturally not much school work was undertaken….

In preparation for the next stage in the timeline of this new topic – should I decide to commit to it, and abandon the MARSSIM project – I browsed through the craters I’ve chosen thus far, most of them being complex in nature, and highlighted promising occurrences of impact melt just outside the rims of these craters as well as a number of candidates that might possess impact melts upon closer inspection under higher resolution (to be undertaken in the next step in the timeline).

The result of my preliminary analysis, given the limitations imposed by the quality of the MESSENGER images, can be found in the document below:


[Images in document are modified screenshots of MESSENGER data from:

Should everything go well for me with this project this week, I’ll probably decide to make the switch and start going down this new crater road for the duration of my time here on the Masters train at Western.