J. W. Daniels, MSc

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November 2016

ICT… ~ it works!!!

Now that Marssim actually runs now, I can finally start trying to advance to other things (like trying to find its "outelev" file & then feeding it through my pic-making program). For (my) future reference...:  Make sure *I'm* in the... Continue Reading →

There’s a BIG Moon on the Rise…

This past morning saw, according to astronomers, the biggest Moon in a while.  Called a "Supermoon," this visual phenomenon is the result of the Moon simply being closer to Earth than it normally gets at perigee (its closest approach to... Continue Reading →

It’s Crater Time (ICT) 1.2 ~ What’s *supposed* to happen.

Featuring Linne crater! ICT part 1 provided an introduction to one of the things I'm trying to accomplish here for my thesis; create an "inelev.dat" file, modify the "marssim.prm" file accordingly, and then run the fortran code.  The "OUTELEV.DAT" file... Continue Reading →

ICT part 1.1 ~ When fortran does fortran things…

Thanks fortran..., very helpful: At least now I know why "marssim.prm" kept quitting on me (not really, though). Eventually... There will be "part 2"....  

It’s Crater Time (part 1)

To make a long story short, the first order of business I have with my Masters project is to erode a fresh crater of roughly the same dimensions as Haughton crater and then compare the results to the level of... Continue Reading →

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